Ahoy there

Ahoy there

Hi Reader

This is my working blog for my masters university course in animation and character design.

Over the next two years i will try to keep it up to date with all the progression of my projects and thought process behind my work, kind of like a big online journal of sorts.

Although, i cannot assume i will be a frequent blogger, (with past blog posts being severally neglected) but the fact i am being marked on this should keep me more motivated.

Hopefully, causing me to break my bad habit of the abandonment of blogging & documenting for months between each post.

If you are still reading to this <point> thank you for acknowledging my online existence so far and thanks for reading.

Otherwise if you have scanned this wordy page and left it for a far prettier one i am not offended,

but if that is the case you will probably not be reading this one either……. which is fine.

As the vast content of this blog is for me typing to myself I should think. Or the possibility of a parallel internet world of a gummy bear kingdom, run by evil unicorns who sell stuff on eBay  and they are still reading to this <<point>> too

Anyway, here’s my introduction & I will try to keep this updated.