Baby steps in Learning flash

Baby steps in Learning flash

Getting to grips with animation in the early stages of this degree with my introduction to Flash as a 2D software.

I found Flash an interesting format to learn but I think I am going to need quite some more practice before I get a full understanding of it and to work alongside my style.

Here are some of my character designs developing to the simplist format, as it seamed to be more Flash friendly. Two flash created designs over my illustrator character design (one day I will work out how to animate Illustrator made drawings.)

As one of the animation tasks was to include form my past hand in, the mood change walk cycles, which is something I found managed to be both hard & quite boring in all honesty doing this task on  my beginners ability in Flash was quite interesting but as a experience.

As it helped me learn, by being able to deal with every way I could crash the system. Yet overcoming that fear boundary alongside learning anything new can sometimes be the only way you can truly comforrtably learn a new software.

So here my first attempt with a chinchilla walk cycle.. on a treadmill

(its not great but at least I can set the bar low so I can only get better hopefully)