Colour match

Colour match

Had a visit again to the national gallery again this time the task was to get a better undersanding of colour choice & mixing the right shade to similarity within the paintings. In creating colour pallets to mach a recognisable painting  such as helene rouartin her father’s study by degas seen above.

Doing this task with pastel which is slightly crude but basic colours with this wax base.

Looking at both paintings by Tintoretto & Paolo Uccello two different artists with there take on the st george and the dragon story.

In Paolo Uccello painting we where also asked to understand how each character within the piece would appear if it was animated in getting a idea of how light or heavy the footsteps in relation to there movements would be.

Also a way the shapes could appear if they where moving by just focusing on the piece and imagining how the movements could be visualised.

Doing a similar drawing exercise of not looking at the piece and attempting to ruffly draw it out in 5 minuets with a fluid line trying to catch the essence of the piece. in comparison to the actual piece