Drawing at the Natural history museum

Drawing at the Natural history museum

Visiting the Natural History Museum gave me a chance to do some life drawing from the archives of taxidermy animals on display. Many of these animals would be difficult to see and to do a detailed drawn study of in real life.

I wanted to work outside my normal comfort zone of pencil and improve my accuracy, using a basic but also difficult medium of biro pen, these drawing I then highlighted with tip ex.

For the second task of the day we where asked to create a story using five images around one of the animals or peices in the gallery as a staring point.

From my earlier drawings I felt particularly drawn to a sloth bear that was on display. When I noticed a stuffed cub also displayed alongside the bear . It seems quite tragic when you think about this display, showing a mother and cub both dead and as many school children and kids just point at the bears or just take a picture standing alongside its stuffed form, overlooking this.

As a animal lover I lothe the idea of commercial taxidermy and stuffed trophy animals in its association with death disrespect and crule amusement at the expense of what was a living animal.

I felt creating a story from how these animals where previously living was important as it may appear sad but is a reminder that they where once living creatures.