New term

New term

Starting a new term at uni with the first exercise in a drawn animation of a 4 legged character. Looking at the gait of the horse being the most obvious one for its variety in strides from walk, to trot, to canter and gallop all requiring different movements.

As with any walk cycle however it can be confusing, in which leg to align with and in height which movement. Making it even harder when doing a creature with four legs.

Struggling in the past with the two legged walk cycle, it is no suprise that I also found it difficult to understand  this one too.

Thankfully my interest in ponies as a little girl  and in equine art paid off on this one,  as I still have knowledge on the horses leg strides and movements to base my animation on.

Also,  by looking back at the drawings of horses by Stubbs, to get an understanding of a horses muscle structure and bones.


Anyway, after many confusing re draws of frames, due to switching legs, here is my free hand attempt at a four legged walk cycle.