Character design research

Character design research



Last Christmas break I visited a variety of places help inspire me towards creating

my character design for the following term.

Visiting both the hunterian museum and zoological society




–Sketchbook image of hunterian—

The hunterian museum had many interesting bones and medical human artifacts around the space there where preserved odd animals in jars such as chicks with two heads and other strange deformities.


But what I felt particularly drawn to there was plants and seeds that were stored in jars a lot of these details I felt would make a interesting enhancement for a character design an embellishment for the design of my creature.


Visiting also the zoological society had more exhibits of creatures in particular had a large section of different animal bones this was interesting in being able to understand the key components of the creature in its joints and body movements it could create.


— Drawings at zoological—-


I was particularly fascinated the long coiled spine of the python


Drawing inspiration from a range of animals from exotic locations of the world sketching them out I was able to get a idea of the features and aspects I could further develop in my character design.