CSM quick fashion animation

CSM quick fashion animation

As an way of studying body language through animation this weeks exercise we where set a short task of showing a reaction expressed through the body.

Considering CSM is a famous for its fashion courses and with many graduates showing there show reel on loop on the various screens around the building,this weeks task seemed only appropriate to create an animation around the topic of fashion.

As a brief it did interest me and perhaps animating some of my fashion illustrations with a simplistic giff sequence is something I will  be aiming to explore further when I get the time.

However, given the quick deadline for the task of animating something that would show a drastic reaction through the body it was necessary to produce a more simplistic design, that would be more malleable. So this time a more subtle looped fashion illustrations wouldn’t have suited.

Anyway, my style of illustration is quite detailed it is difficult to animate and also with my beginners knowledge of the softwares, I decided to change the designs to simple graphic vector characters,  as this would render easier in the ‘flash’ system.

Below some sketchbook designs of simplistic fashion characters that would work well in a vector medium.











My first idea was of a photoshoot gone wrong in a fantasy world  similar to Tim Walkers pictures .Yet with the deeper meaning in symbolising the world of fashion behind it’s beautiful facade of images we see on posters magazines and modern media.

An artificial idealism based purely on appearance that is in reality progressively fragile and you can easily be knocked off the perfect pedistol with a slightest tip in the wrong direction. I symbolised this with the  model trying to achieve a perfect pose and ultimately failing in the process.

(My basic storyboard on the right incase you hadn’t already noticed )

Also, my first storyboard attempt so trying to keep it as simple as possible this time as to show the actions through the characters body in reaction to falling off the giant ice cream and destroying the set.

Anyway, here is what I managed to create in flash.

Yes, I know it is a little fuzzy, partly due to the confusing formating in saving a giff in flash. It also runs a bit fast so far.I will try to find a way to slow down the frame rate without redoing the whole thing but technical abilities aside but its ok for my second time on flash.

Given also that it has probably taken me 40 hours of crashing and tweaking to get this far of 4 sec’s its going to take me a steep learning curve to get used to working with flash software.