Drawing at Waterloo

Drawing at Waterloo

Starting a new term of life-drawing classes from previous energetic drama lessons.

This week we visited Waterloo Station to do a drawing exercise aiming to get us in touch with the environment.

As I felt quite confident on my view on visual perspective I found it more interesting to

abstract elements of the station that I was drawn to. Like the clock celling and the many pigeons living in the station I tended to focus on and somewhat building the environment around these pictures.


It quite quickly got too cold so in a effort to stop my hands falling off and keep the blood circulation to my toes I decided to call it quits early and warm up in Starbucks, before returning to work on some of my frame by frame animation at uni.

Anyway, in keeping to drawing in an environment here are some pictures form an old sketchbook back in 2009 or 2008, I cant remember that well but it was a long time ago, drawing the scenery of Trafalgar Square in what was a warm sunny day on the rare occasion there is sun in London and I could feel my hands.


— sketchbook