Lip sync 2

Lip sync 2

This second set of lip sync execise for the week could be from a audio file of our own choice, whether we had pre-selected it from a arcive or recorded it ourselves.

I felt it would be intresting to try photoshop animation to create the movements from a recording of me, with audio to get an idea of each frame mouth moments.

Initially I struggled with the timing of animating a speech, with the planning of frames to match the audio and mouth movements.

I decided on a recording of me doing a simple countdown from 5,4,3,2,1 and the mouth movements I make within the speaking. This would help me get a good idea of face shapes and lip syncing to an audio based in a realistic way.

It was also helpful filming the action, rather than planning numbering frames, which tended to confuse me (..with my poor number skills).


So, I think I will have to get more used to filming the actions I want to animate and to copy movements of them .

<<<<<<< Here is the video recording of what I did, converted into a simple giff. So you get the idea of mouth movements I tried to create.


(Yes, I did photoshop out the background roughly, as well my room ..well it wasn’t  very tidy at the time )


My plan was simply tracing the original video, so I could understand the essential lines needed for the speaking.

However, I soon found drawing frame by frame on photoshop rather tedious, having to repeat and alter the same image over 88 times to get even a subtle stop frame effect.

So I decided to try once more in ‘After effects’ software to pick out the essence  of my design. Developing it further from a simplistic vector look and pulling out the aspects of the face.

Using tools like the pen tool I was quickly able to draw out simple lips and eyelids shapes to work in sync with the faces on my video clip and reshape them easily on the time line.



final video clip of lip sync ….. ( will be here when I fix my vimeo account)