Complex Character design to simplistic animation design

Complex Character design to simplistic animation design

As a winter project in the animation course we where set a task to research and develop a 4 legged character design & this would later be developed with an animated walk.

After finishing my research around my character and choosing a design to develop futher. I began to realise the difficulties in many of my character designs in drawn form they suit more 3D animation and therefore more difficult for me flatten to animate on 2D software.

Traditionally I would use paint colour and add detail in my drawn character designs, as having a visual background in illustration and art I feel my character design should look realistic.

By drawing out my character just in pencil first I would hopefully simplify where exactly the lines were required to be on the design. However the lines often toned and shaded and again bringing forward many of these details becomes a slight handicap in forms of 2d animation as adding all textures and patterns.

Perhaps simplifying the design like one of my classmates suggested into a single block of colour would help, Attempting this gave

me a good understanding of how the blank silhouette of my character looked. But it tended not to help with the detail that was lost

in the character.

Trying again another way of looking into the design with a flat line then trace out the key details to apply to a vector format.

Once I had done this I was still confused as to where the joins and parts in my design should be and what shapes components I would need to work with. To do this was either using after effects or flash.The simplest way for me to work it out, was to get a tracing of my design in a puppetry way, seeing where exactly these points should be.

Hopefully, now working on digitalising my design  should make it easier to animate from my earlier attempts.