Creative spirit 4 legs character design

Creative spirit 4 legs character design

During last years christmas break the task was to design a creature. It interested me how an animal could be designed in relation to the subconscious, as being created from imagination. How could this hold a bearing in its physical form and if there where any mythic deitis that hold similar abilities in being able to aid creative thought. Effecting dreams or the subconscious,

Watching a talk by Elizabeth Gilbert (an American writer) in relation to the creative genius. She gives the idea of separating the creative thoughts from the individual to a being of another magical creatures gifts to the person.

In ancient Greece and Rome people didn’t belive that creativity came from humans but was a devine creative spirit called a Daemon.

Whilst the Greeks named them as genius of genii this creature would give gifts of assistance which would thank, if your work was good but also take the blame if your work turned out as bad. (The termonlogy of the daemon was addaped to demon via Christian culture but so was the term genius which we now reaconise for acedemic intellect rather than creativity.)

But, perhaps the spirit of a creative guide is something that I could developed as a character design.

As Creativity still seems as something magical even in modern day

Designing it in a physical form as needing care and feeding in order to keep your imagination alive.


sketchbook drawings—

From Visiting the Zoological & Hunterian Museum earlier, helped my inspiration by examining the animals, as what shape this creature would take in its four legged form. I felt the creature animal form would suit something like a ferret or stoat would have a long back like a serpent or be highly flexible so it could twist and turn like an idea as well as a long tail looking at other animals I could be inspired by that had similar traits.

I also began to get some visual references of things that inspired me and I felt suited this theme of work . It was a mixed variety of computer game and film characters, to fashion couture and paper cutting. All working together in a sort of soft tranquil theme of colours and fluent lines and curves .


Heres the mood board from various different sources I haven’t managed to  find the original reference to them all but they all added to part of my inspiration .



After this I began to draw out a load of character designs which I filled in with acrylic paint, which helped give them more lifelike qualities so here is the collection of my character design options…