Four legs walk and run

Four legs walk and run

From the horse walk exercise a few weeks earlier I learned to apply this to my illustrated character to get a idea of how a detailed drawing could be broken up when applied to a moving animation.

To replicate the movement fully I fell some of components could have been broken down further like the back could have been more broken up to move more fluent spine movement.

But as it stands i was relatively new to learning after effects and animating with the layered system so i wanted to keep my layers panel simplified to essential components needed for the movement as I felt it was important not to over complicate my animation it at this stage of my learning

Thing i wish included in my drawing however would have been a knee joint for the front legs in my final design didn’t include this, which made it more difficult to make the front legs realistic in movement movement.

Given i had designed it with one joint most of the motion had to be in the shoulder and paws.

Which make it appear quite obvious in rotation within the breaking of the illustrated design, this i managed to reduce in a obvious way hide just around by both minimising the motion and adding a light painted brushstrokes to the shoulder to reduce the edge of the run rotation.

having problems converting these into a giff format this week so heres the move files in the link below


run cycle—mov of run cycle             walking cycle for giff—  walk


Things i would also linked to develop further if i had had the time would have been in the characters the face movement with its eyes half closing movement of the cycle or inhaling in the motion of the run

Other than that Im quite happy on how it has worked out at this stage