Green screen final

Green screen final

After filming the green screen a week or so ago, I then had to learn how to edit it in after effects. In order to have the interaction with my character and the surrounding environment.

Although earlier in the week I had been quite ambitious as to how long I wanted to make the animation, with the idea of the character fetching and returning ideas.

I soon realised when pulling the clips together, that this would take too long to complete, with a deadline of only a week left .

The duration of my video lasted 2 minutes, even in-spite of being able to extend the walking and run cycles for longer.

To create the more complex story would have meant I would have to do alot of different drawings of my character from different angles and animations of their reactions for it to work. Which would take too long to do properly, given I had only a few weeks as well as many other tasks left to finish.


So, I decided to trim down the clip to a short 20 seconds. Focusing on the main interaction, with the walking onto my hand of the character before lifting and petting it, then letting it run behind my head, back into my imagination.

Creating this interaction helped me learn many of the features of after effects that we had be taught and to use them in practice, being key lighting to clear the green screen space as well as managing the system of layers, this was very similar to photoshop which made it easier in practice.

I also began to realise the difficulties in animating in after effects instead of flash for my character, as many of the clips of walk and run had to be copied and lined up on the timeline instead of being imported in a flash loop, as they would have been if imported in flash, which would have made it easier. in the walk across sequence.


The other problem I had was the masking in after effects, I couldn’t quite figure out how to work this in time, so it does look a bit like the character is floating in my hand.


But hopefully next time around I should have some time to learn this tool properly and have time to airbrush out the puffiness under my eyes!

Anyway, here is my short green screen animation.

(……. waiting for my vimeo link)