Post office near and far

Post office near and far

There is something quite mysterious about letters as an old system of messaging, when written content had to be quite crafted.

Often having deeper connections to the words used over much of modern medias of instant  messaging services, where vocabulary is increasingly getting shorter with fewer letters needed to communicate.

A letter as a message is more personal and romantic in context too, compared to much of modern messaging. If a letter arrives from some far away place through your letterbox then there is a slight oldie worldly feeling attached about opening it and reading it often over and over again.

There is also an emotional connection to letters, a lot of letters nowadays are often negative through association with bills, medical illness or bereavement.

My ideas for this project came around writing a story and in the sending of a letter as an overrunning narrative for the storyline, speaking over the animation.

The words could then become images and brought to life in a animated form coming out of the text, even whilst writing the letter or dreamed up in delivering the letter in the post.

With this idea of a message as the main theme for my story possibility, giving advice in a poetic form or describing an environment is crucially the key. Getting inspirations from post art to develop some ideas on my project.mail-art