In a Postal world

In a Postal world

I was drawn to a story about world things, like through the portal being the post box. I felt it was an example of the classic post office emblem making important part in my story. I also was interested in the classic sorting system of old letters, like a little characters that could be living in a magical post box sorting letters to different worlds.


{Some inspirations for other worlds}


As the brief was made to be family friendly, I decided not to focus on anything that would be too deep and possibly depressing this time.

But instead focus on something sweet fun, that would appeal to bothchildren and adults.


I forwarded this story idea to get feedback from my post office contact and I realised there where two many characters as the brief stipulated only two.

As I got feedback from the post office concept the possibility of using robots seemed fitting for post office organisation system and interlinking with the ideas of one of my characters.