Bit by Bit

Bit by Bit

Starting on painting out my character for all the various angels in the keyframes I wanted to match and rebuilding the character again in after effects.


I started trying to keep the pieces of my characters face details relatively simplistic, by painting out each component of the animation individually and reassembling it on photoshop. This appeared to work on aspects like the face details but i still found it hard to keep the accuracy in the altering of some shapes (Like the glasses) to get a full view that was still consistent.

IMG_2063——–veiw of face

This made parts of the animation difficult, attempting things like body and head turns was challenging in spite of layering and fiddling in after effects often the final result was a bit jittery.

In this way i learned how after effects worked best with simplistic and subtle movements and this worked for some parts of my animation but could be a hindrance for others.

letter to wishmaker

such as scenes like the lift

But as i later learnt that movement based parts of my animation are better to be configured frame by frame on photoshop.