Keyframes and backdrops

Keyframes and backdrops

After planning out my story earlier, I focused on my keyframes and matching the timing for a minute animation. Initially created by working on from the storyboard that i showed earlier.

I was able to develop on the portal in-between the crossing of the two worlds, that the messenger travels, as beams of light instead of a spiralling tunnel.


But also giving more time on the arrival of the Wish-Maker character  opening the letter and how this could summarise the message of my animation. That letters of a good wish sent to the Wish Maker are turned into shooting stars, that carry peoples best wishes. Similar to the good feeling of receiving a positive letter by post.




After summarising my story i felt the best way to visualise it was to buildup the environments for the characters in my animation, painting these scenes i think brought them best to life in a sort of dreamy crafted way.