Rough storyline

Rough storyline

I have been a bit late on blogging in these past few months as well ive been both confused and stressed at the thought of my first animation and learning how to organise and create it. Anyway, here is a blog post on what i have done and learnt.


So after much fiddling with the idea I had developed a storyline

storyboard joined part 1storyboard joined part 2































—first rough storyboard for my animation

Initial part of my animation stage was coming up with a strong story in keeping within a minute time limit set.

Cropping down from my initial idea of multiple characters to just focus on the two main characters the ‘Messenger’ and the ‘Wish maker’..

I wanted to create something that was both entertaining and visually beautiful in each frames. The output focusing on the postal messengers journey in delivering the letter to the wish maker but i could not

figure out exactly what the letters message would be on arrival, which hindered the progress with the storyline.

As I felt and struggled with figuring exactly what the importance in this mysterious letters journey on arrival.


Given a few weeks of over thinking it the meaning of my animation before i had the courage to actually start it.

By re examining the storyline, once i had timed it to a minute length I began to figure out exactly what parts of the story needed improvement, by just honestly looking at what would bore me if i was watching this animation for the first time.

Firstly in Cutting down any bits that may be a filler to the story narrative (the long tunnel frames)

And in fixing the end to overall storyline which i would need to work on too.