Style or movement

Style or movement

Something I have struggled with on this project. was how in animation a detailed drawn style can often effect & hinder the movement of animating the characters.

This I found particularly relevant with my background of illustration in print, where my go to style is   heavily layered with things of incredibly intricately detailed and textured.

And finding a happy balance for this is hard as most accessible 2d animation rely’s on a simplicity in its characters in re-drawing the movement.

I started to try to apply this to my developed characters  by re drawing them as vector components that would be easier to operate and animate on flash by manipulating the character movements.

heads with toneBut in this case I felt it lost something in comparison to my original painted designs of the characters. It felt a bit more dead to me, as if the character wasn’t ment to look graphic in a flat colour. It tended to look a bit dull in comparison to its earlier form.


As with this above comparison, this project would look the stronger if it retained the characters crafted style and painted exterior.

So in a continuing way to make my life more difficult i decided to create this animation on after effects despite all the fiddly layering system and limited editing it could retain its crafted style,  even if it doubles the time allowance to complete this project.