Transport Museum

Transport Museum

Looking further into the subject of the home front and the importance of the london buses at this time in history. visiting places like the Imperial War Museum and London Transport Museum I got some intial ideas.









At first my interest was in an idea of creating my own story, built from a set audios or parts of selective audios and in someways how these descriptive images would give realism to life at that time.

Women on the bus service was a particular one of interest in supporting the home front but also how those same buses had a strong role in the trenches too.

In some ways the First World War changes for women in taking on mens jobs also added up to the western world we know today.

Another thing  which also interested me was how even with these early steps in gender equality. these women where immediately dis-impowered on the wars ending and the return of the soldiers as quoted by Ann Parkers audio.

With the expectation for them to return back to there original role of being married off and bring up children once the war ended.



As this animation was based on a memory audio, the backdrop suits a soft water colour environment combining with the simplistic vector like animation, similar to the flat graphic poster art of this period.

Examples supplied by the Transport Museum.