Final pitch (Liquid Architecture)

Final pitch (Liquid Architecture)



The other animation concept pitch was for liquid architecture, this had more of a fun concept, it focusing on the planning game and the difficulty the characters where having in building there dream homes even as each characters house gets initially destroyed. By the negative planners as they didn’t plan it properly.


As you can see I wanted to base my characters on a realistic planners appearance as seen above the red being the destructive planners and blue being liquid architecture who helps teach them the rules.

As I picked 3 characters to develop further showing there group journey in getting through the planning game and how there neighbour hood could be recovered

In learning the rules of planning which apply so easily to others in the more corporate enviroment more fluently built by the knowledge of liquid architecture.

Sadly, neither of my concepts got picked but perhaps I learned from this to focus on the visuals of a few pieces of concept art instead of overdoing the narrative, as what might seam a bit to much for someone only just viewing the project for the first time and be easier to see it roughly described.

first-storyboard storyboard storyboard3storyboard4