final pitch (London transport museum)

final pitch (London transport museum)

After much planning with this previous project I presented my final pitch over a few week’s ago to summarise my idea and the characters/ narrative for animation.

I developed futher around my idea of women in transport working on buses of ww1, but I also wanted to develop a new way of looking at the early plight of women’s rights in relation to the mechanisation of the buses in the war an taking a few short clips from the audio to develop the storyline.


The particular pieces of ann interview in the introduction of buses of this time and how it was mostly horse and cart until the arrival of london buses being one of the first mechanised transport.

this i found was a interesting comparison. In how the removal of horses from transport at the end of the war in replace for buses and cars.

But also how in similarity to women having roles in the workplace they where once a fundamental help in the war but these roles immediately taken from them when the men returned.

Is a sort of emotional connection in the two with the sharp ending a removal of there initial rank similar to the horses in the war. To make this concept work properly, I felt it would be easier to storyboard the concept to explain then to focus of a detailed concept art.

However looking back i wish i had spent some more time in bringing some concept art to life.

Perhaps i learned from this for my future pitches..

storyboard grouped1storyboard grouped2

 storyboard grouped long

storyboard grouped 3