Pixel animation

Pixel animation

As my stories were not chosen from my pitches earlier in the week.  I was assigned to one of the chosen animators to help with getting there project done within the tight deadline.

In particular I was working alongside fellow student Ria her blog link below

>> http://uberpup.myblog.arts.ac.uk/

Who similar to me comes form a illustration background with her uberpup pop colour style this project in particular for liquid architecture was based around the idea of old 80s arcade game in stylise way of animating as a 8bit pixel character which suits sharp and jittery movements to keep consistent with its appearance.

In the earlier weeks we have been figuring out the  stages of planning the project visiting both the company that chose the film & visiting group discussions in breaking down the workload of tasks In the past week of the project I have been a bit slower in doing and documenting the tasks set.


My part of the project was to help with the credits and opening title sequence to keep in theme with the 80’s arcade style graphics, which hopefully worked well with my past degree dabbling in graphics in creating a interesting intro and exit as well as hopefully animating bits in between.

font options



Looking at some type options that play with a pixel graphic base that could suit.

Or be modified with the theme i development Ria’s favourites being

Commo and Erix outline.

I shall base the style of the font around these two either adapting them or creating my own font style from the pixel grid.

Given that the work is also being shown in China I hopefully can link this to Chinese subtitles, that is being worked on by Frank, the only person thankfully fluent in chinese in our group.



i have also being playing with the use of pixels over the past week adapted from Ria’s set illustrator document grid this I found initially difficult to get used to as most of my work is hand drawn and pixels appear very digital so takes a while to get used to.