Acting and Audio

Acting and Audio

This week at Uni has been interesting with both a visit from students of Royal College of Music , aswell as a feedback session from a drama tutor at our Uni, helping us assess movements in animating and acting out parts of our chosen animations.

In particular, the feedback for helping Ria’s animation for Liquid Architecture which were slight adjustments to the movements in the animation stage, to suit the pixel game style whether movements should become more jilted and sharp to suit this.

I also asked for some ideas of how to animate my design movements to appear more fluid in motion, for example expressing the characters personality, as working through a character in a more theatrical way often suits for animation. This could be done with breaking down components of the movement ever watching some old films with examples of a similar personality portrayed can be applied to the character.

As I prefer elaborate illustrations to animate which are often hard to re-draw I wondered if there was a way of doing this subtly. I was advised to focusing on the details I wanted to show given that the animation or any film narrative you can control what your audience will see. This could be amplified through a subtle simple closeup of a eye twitch or a tap of a foot which would go unnoticed in a theatrical stage performance.


There was also my drawn between movement and style but staying true to my roots i think the stylised way is important But still enough movement to stop the drawing from becoming static and a flat image in appearance.

Also, earlier in the week we had group of composers students from RCM presenting examples of there audio files, showing how they could be linked to our present animation  projects or for future animation jobs. It was useful gaining extra contacts as well as talking to them and hearing there perspective on animation  in relation to audio. It would be interesting to hear all varieties of sound design with my animations, but sadly the long turnover of projects means I wouldn’t be able to collaborate with everyone this time