Group project

Group project

Over the past few weeks I have been helping Ria in the group project animation, in particular animating out the opening scene for the planning game.

Based on earlier blogposts, I have had a bit of a learning struggle adjusting to the computer style format, as I use digital skills more for editing and tweaking peices of work.. So doing whole animation sections was something I struggled with to start off.

Also, given in a past class lesson on actions from the drama tutor, I tried to emphasise movements in the animation within the keyframes.



I began by drawing out roughly all the keyframes in flash before compositing pieces and then patching them together.  These frames  followed pencil drawn ones set in the previous week, to follow from examples of character movements. I added a series of rotations to these characters to emphasise the movement  and to make the simple pixel shapes seem more expressive.
Sadly, this was not in keeping with the ideal style Ria imagined and didn’t suit the 8 bit character profile. I re assessed the files over the following days trying to remove all the flash rotations, but the result came out a bit jittery and flash did not seem to remember reverse rotations that well, so getting it to match the original symmetrical form proved fiddley.

Thankfully, the keyframes I created were still useful for the rough cut, even if they have to be recreated and repositioned again, hopefully I haven’t been a let down on the group with the slight jittering.