Inspiration researching

Inspiration researching

Starting research for my final animation film I realised in someways I have a starting concept. As working from my Illustration background where my style of using a fantasy theme incorporating scaled creepy yet cute characters, within layered environments. This style  I feel works as a good beginning for my animation concept.

Some examples of my illustration work from my tumblr blog–



As I am still developing a strong concept for my story through research, by looking into different plot styles at the moment. Also, I have still not decided whether I want to make the animation have a philosophical message or be like a film festival animated short or maybe apt for a more commercial route that could be used as a trailer for a animated TV series or film concept.

Creating a strong storyline and idea I feel need a good body of research to basis it on and buildup to the animated world and character designs.

Anyway, my obvious starting point is fantasy, how this could be tangible with reality for the theme and my visual style. Would work with this looking at inspirations and exhibits should hopefully focus and inspire my storyline and ways of engaging with my audience.

To me a fantasy starting point is very fresh for a plot line, it can be limitless when applied to any creative feild of inspirations and topic and renders perfectly to the world of animation, as anything you can imagine to draw can be brought to life purely through movement of animation.

The most common commercial use of fantasy is in the game market,

two quotes I found when researching in the field of computer games design I think are relevant to abide by

1-“the value of fantasy is that it can take us on a journey of mind imagination and spirit”

2-“when imaginary landscapes become familiar even comfortable we know fantasy is losing its edge”

The second is very important to me I want to stay clear of any of the fantasy clichés as I think we Have become accustomed to most of the classic genre of dragons witches warlocks”womenly” fairies and white unicorns


To me a few Inspirations for striking films in the fantasy genre are Alice in Wonderland, Pans Labyrinth & Spirited Away to me all of these stories have more added depth in the narrative with a strong dark side to the  fairytale stories. Chiro’s parents being turned to pigs in Spirited Away, are  at a risk of getting eaten, as Alice. in Alice in Wonderland deals with the threats of the Queen of Hearts beheading her and in Pans Labyrinth little Ofelia overcomes child eating monsters to escape. All have strong dark undertones in there story lines but ultimately all of them are strong female lead characters within them they are not board princesses waiting in castles for there knight to beat a dragon & rescue them but able to overcome the stories by themselves.