End of Group Project

End of Group Project

pullquick pullbody







After a few weeks of helping with the group project its seems (look into previous blog posts if interested) the animation project is complete, although I cannot show the finished piece as it isn’t my property, I can show bits that I tried to animate and played with in the making of several of the scenes, examples are shown in short giff animations you see.

I was initially set the task of one of the first scenes, I tryed different ways of emphasising body movement on the simple pull of the rope to make the  character Planner’s reaction more fluid,even if they were only key framed animation I liked playing with the Planner’s eyes to show his mean intentions.







I also roughly drew out the keyframes for the flash opening sequence after earlier plans (and yes that is pretend chinese text beneath start to get an idea).

Though developing this idea further to an animated form Ria said was a bit too difficult, as the door didn’t open as fluently but she managed to develop another title sequence to use for the final animation.

Sadly, none of these scenes were suited to Ria’s style of animation, as she wanted for her project to have more quick and sharp movements. Requiring no slower expressive movements like I had created, as she didn’t want any rotations in  the arm and leg of the characters movement, so I  adapted to this.

Either way she was thankfully able to recreate the scene in a style that suited more to what she had imagined,in time developing on from my earlier attempts.