Drawn at V&A

Drawn at V&A

As part of my initial research towards my new project, I recently visited the V&A to do a some drawn studies of things on display there to inspire my initial ideas. I was particularly interested in the jewellery section, as the way the patterns in the ornate detail   and filigree work could be the inspiration into creation for fantasy environments.




The section of the V&A were quite private about there display items and didn’t allow photographs, so I had to draw out any detail that interested me on the displays. This suited as most jewellery is quite small and drawing them out meant I focused more on the detail.


Even though I didn’t get to colour my drawings jewellery in general can be a interesting to look in to the variety of colours as symbolic to wealth and opulence many of the coloured stones people believed once had magical qualities and still do with several crystal types this could work into to the environment my created fantasy world that is once I develop my story concept.