Swarovski Museum

Swarovski Museum

During last summer I passed through Austria, I also got to visit the Swarovski Museum, which is outside its large chain store for costume jewellery. It exhibited some interesting instillation art pieces, collaborating with many different artists. To get around the  crystals they are either used in the piece of of art or inspiring the artwork.


Many of the rooms in this instilation come across as quite surreal, as the art was either designed to be visually interactive and changing in colour or movement.

crystal pattern

Or simply made into pieces that appeared to be part of a different world, as characters inspired and made up of the crystals,


I like the idea of giving into a different environment through film and sound. Perhaps it would be interesting to develop this concept by building props and characters too. Add to the environment even multiple screens in showing of different aspects of the film would be a interesting idea.