Vincent Van Gogh in 3D

Vincent Van Gogh in 3D

Whilst passing through Amsterdam on my way home last summer, I visited the 3D Vincent Van Gogh exhibition.

I have seen most of Van Goghs original paintings before as there was a large exhibition of his at Somerset House about 3 years ago, but what particularly interested me was how this exhibition had turned some of his recognisable painted artworks into 3D animated films. These short pieces where often running on loop.

However, reinvented the way you see the paintings by giving it 3d isn’t the most versatile medium, it worked well with the subtle swaying of the branches, im a way helping you see into the mindset of Van Gogh, by giving his evocative paintings movement.

I think this is something I shall keep in mind, as the impact can be just as strong in  short and subtle animation movements if there is a strong visual basis like these  Van Gogh pieces.

Fuzzy visual example of these films (not sure if you need 3d glasses to see them better but you get the idea for now).frame examples