Illustrated photography experimentation

Illustrated photography experimentation

As a Christmas project, I wanted to try something I had be interested in for quite a while.

Combining photography and illustration, as something I could perhaps use in the future by combining film with animation. In this project I just wanted to try out how my illustration style would work within photography and hopefully inspire me towards my final project animation idea.

Either way here are a some illustrator/ graphic designers who’s visually creative work helped inspire me in this short project, both in colour, pattern and style. Some pieces where used for editorial work, others for printed zines. All of them played with the mixed mediums in an interesting way.



There are also a collection of flower pictures that I had taken last summer on a visit to Kew Gardens.



So before the university closed for the Xmas break, I thought I would try my hand at doing a quick photo shoot to use these flower images as inspiration to draw stuff on the final photos. I managed to contact my friend Georgia who thankfully made time for me in her busy model life and was happy to help and jump around for a few hours.

Initially I was planning to use the green screen room, but sadly it was all booked up, but I managed to book a studio slot in our photography department, even if they where initially a bit sceptical on what exactly I was doing.

A day or so before the shoot I quickly inked out some plans for poses to start from .

So I wouldn’t be to stuck for ideas on the day and Georgia being left confused.

Anyway, after struggling to get into the (building with all the forms needed to be filled out for Georgia’s visit) with CSM strict security I managed to take some fun interesting shots in our hour and half of studio time.


And here are the finished results, after selecting a few photos with large amount of empty space to build on what ever world came to mind on top of it.  I printed out a few photos before stenciling onto it otherworldly details, setting the theme of little worlds and turning everthing into a tiny home or city of sorts.

Initially, I had planned to maybe focus these in pencil, but I was curious to see how the characters appeared in a painted form, so I built up paintings to be scanned and cleared in photoshop to combine with the photo. The end result was a soft light effect that did come across a bit flat but blended in with the brightened photos.


I found the creation of the painted images with the photos a bit too time consuming for future use but interesting none the less, I noticed when flattening the image to be more saturated or one colour that in someways the painting doesn’t look as flat.

If I get time to continue with this side project (and maybe create a little zine from the images), I think I would do it in  flat black and white inked or tonal based drawings on to the photos.  Possibly adding spot colour  so the illustrations work more into the overall image of the photo.