Main Character Design

Main Character Design

Even though I haven’t fully developed my story, I know that I want it to include a strong female lead character, from my previous films which I referenced to in earlier blogs, to carry the storyline of this in-between world.

Looking back over my earlier research (from when I was in my final year of an illustration BA).I researched futher into the importance and correlation with kids and there dreams in creating my previous piece in particular the ages between 6-7 years. When the imagination is the most heightened  and influenced by the objects and people around us. Also, the films and general media we consume at this age, have the strong sense of magic and vibrance of youth. This is something I aimed to focus on.

Whilst developing my character image, I  kept in mind  to exaggerate the style of infancy and making the features very expressive and cute.  I used some pictures I had from when I was around  seven years old to get the proportions before playing with the character traits.



Looking at my character designs, I picked 3 from the top ones that stood out to me as the most interesting designs. Then drawings these in a more simplistic form in design so they could almost be graphical in styled with a few spit colours. Starting on drawing out my final character that summarised I felt the 3 combined characters best, I couldn’t help feeling interested in seeing options in the way my character could be rendered by tracing the initial design and painting over the drawing this gave me a clear idea



The traced outline form wasn’t as strong but when I scanned it to do a vector mockup it in someways worked best to the characterisation. I wanted to do as a more simpler cartoon form as this would be more easily adjustable and more fluent to animate.



Even drawing out the character in different angles and movements gave me a clearer idea of how she should look, in various perspectives and expressions her face would make when animated