Developing Narrative

Developing Narrative

After understanding my character I now had to find a narrative to develop my concept into a engaging animation this is something I had an interest in but was also visually appealing and hopefully appeal to a large audience. I often write out ideas for short stories that have a overrunning narrative speaking so working away from that would be a challenge but I wanted the animation to be clear enough so you could understand the expressions of the character and emphasise with what was going on with out the need of a plot line being recited to you.
This would be a challenge for my animation in showing what I had learnt in the two years but also relies on a strong understanding concept for people to follow the story and what is going on in my 3-4 minutes of animation.


By having a starting point already planned in an in-between world of dreams and fantasy and also created a character in my earlier blog post. I just needed to create a scenario for her to reach and possibly return from this dream world.
My initial idea of a creature guiding out the storyline and pulling her into this dreamworld. Of which she chases for some reason before confronting a monster that she must face in order to return and upon returning sees herself as asleep.
This concept interested me as having a clear beginning, middle and end but I still found it vague in how she arrived in this semi dream world if she was awake why was she escaping to it. The moral significance of the monster she faces (as in most dreams you face the issues or problems that are hidden in your inner psyche in some symbolic way ).
So what was the monster she was facing and why did it come to mind and what was she escaping from to venture into this world?
My initial links from my previous research where to some sort of trauma as many children that create imaginary worlds are using it to escape from something they fear in reality. Maybe abuse, bulling or neglect these where incredibly dark side of humanity and sensitive topic for those who may be living with issues. As much as I am fascinated by darker types of narrative that deal with these topics, they can be difficult to understand in true depth and given there are sensitive issues ¬†they need to be though through carefully. I don’t really want to be animating any scenes of abuse or violence.
It was then that I started to re-assess my story to figure out what the monster she faces signified.
Only when I thought about this on the basis of appealing larger audience that the monster form can be channeled into a common fear of sorts and how she could overcome this fear it in the dream world.






Some concept art I have developed alongside my digital character. She could walk into a painted environment which could be moving subtly around her animated form.