Since my last post I have developed my initial storyline to carry more depth.  For my main character I am assessing what the dream world symbolises and what she wants to overcome.

Key question being why is this monster chasing her  – what was it symbolises for her to overcome it and how did she access this dream world?  When thinking about these two points, the answer became quite clear.

In sleep we drift into a lucid world where we face our fears.  This is represented in lightness vs darkness or a good vs evil storyline.  In its simplest form, the dark itself is what my character would fear.

This creates an instantly relatable scenario for most people, as we all remember when young being afraid of the dark in some form or another, as even in a familiar friendly environment being left in the dark can make many harmless things appear scary.

It is also one of the few places my character could cross between the real and dream world easily.  Whilst going to sleep, the portal link between these two worlds in her lucid dream could be the night light most kids use.  Once I had the concept underpinned, I was able to quickly build up work on basis of that idea and started to imagine my storyline through.

The written exercises of the past week helped integrate several of the key points of visualising my idea on what the character would touch, taste, hear and smell in this dream world.  This helped me get a stronger visual idea of what the dream world would appear like.

Another aspect was exploring how my character would feel and act when she was in a room on her own, as I wanted to focus on her emotional reaction throughout the narrative.  I didn’t want to show her parents but only hint at their presence through gestures of interaction such as turning her face in the direction of the door and nodding. So she did not appear as being isolated or neglected.

I think the storyline touched on the feel of loneliness because of the child’s age being old enough to move into her own room, but still young enough to be scared of this new found independence and being able to adjust to it and not fearing it within in the storyline.

It also interested me to explore the toys within her room, showing how we grow up around them and how they could intertwine within the film storyline; becoming characters in this dream world and also showing how each type of toy changes with the growth of a child – there are the older more worn-out toys that are with us in our infancy, as well as the fluffier new ones and this would make a interesting mix in this world.

I do not want to give away too much of the storyline, so here are a few frames from the storyboard I made last week and roughly timed into the animatic: