Toy museums and plush research

Toy museums and plush research

Looking on developing my toy characters and environment of my little girls room. I  had visited a few places to gather research, using references from previous touristy visits and closer london museums too these visits game me quite a few visual references to start with in developing visual concepts.

such as Different types of toys within the past and studying them through drawings helped my imagination on developing some toy characters that could look both magical in her world but also relatable to toys that actually exist.



I wanted to stick to toys of a plush format instead of dolls as the humanoid forms might conflict with my little girl character as she looks quite doll like in her childlike character design.

Also some of the toys that where worn and old, I think where particularly intresting as they seam quite creepy but also harmless and also look so old in symbolic reference to the age of the child almost forgotten there past and aged after there ruff handling.

As part of my storline is when my character enters into this magical new plush environment of plush toys resting in a glowing world of  jewelled adorned plants and starry sky the world has links to her room with the plush toys collected seen on her bed .

This is something i felt important in my visual narrative an showing over any research of plush toys would help inspire my environment even in just drawing out the various examples.