Life drawing

Life drawing

I  realised I hadn’t documented any of my life drawings recently and as they are important for keeping my hand in with quick rough pose drawings ,  as well as getting an idea of movements in there rough shapes and sketching them out in relation to the the model I thought I would post a few . These are  some of the 1-5 minute timeframe poses I did in the last session ,


Initially, I started with some loose pencil drawings for the 2-3 minute poses, forcing myself to rough the line often gave me more time to perfect the accuracy of the pose.

This helped when the time was occasionally extended for a 5 minute pose where I could build up more detail and possible tone from the initial rough drawing.


As life drawing runs till quite late I often get a buildup of drawings in the session, which I combine. On some occasions this causes me to run out of paper including this week, which was a bit of a problem when finding the uni shop was closed. So I started drawing on what paper I could find in the animation room, being lined paper to draw on loosely for the remanding short poses.