Child Dream Environment

Child Dream Environment

I began building this environment after planning out from my initial colour plans. Starting the build up with the backdrops of what this dreamworld would appear like, then using my keyframes to get an idea of this scene.

I looked back at my earlier Paroclasm piece which played with familiar plush toys with enlarged scale, then working from that and my earlier research on plush toys to then create new toy creatures in a large drawn backdrop.

I wanted to get a storyboard crafted feeling and so painted the creatures on the black backdrop, also gave them depth by building them up.

Painting with lighter colours then made them appear duller in working onto the black of the image.

After spending several days painting this I built-up the dream based environment, which I could see my character interacting with while and walking through.

painted panoramaThis could be animate by cutting out on photoshop and applying motion to these layers.