Creating the Limii character

Creating the Limii character

After developing my storyboard and animatic in colour. I then  looked over it and it made me realise I lacked some depth in the character idea and design for the luminous lit spirits, that guide my main character through this fantasy world both in comfort as well as guiding her in the darkness  she must face.

Having the character design to work well into the environment of the animation background particularly the dream world she enters, so creating a character that had elements of these embellished aspects, as well as being small and harmless that light the way like a firefly. I also developed the design so it didn’t appear too much like any of the plush animals, that built up the environment of her world and ornate to appear magical in comparison to ordinary bedroom toys.

Here are some initial drawn outs and inked ideas of initial designs

 initial character designs for limii


I went on to develop 3 of what I felt where the most interesting designs further, working them together to create my final character.


Initially I had planned my design to be quite ornate I guess drawing it out from a more illustrative perspective.


limii 3 ideas

It was only when at a recent critique I realised the difficulties I would face in animating it within a 2d form.


But also getting an outsiders opinion was useful, as she made re asses parts of the ‘Limii’ characters linking into the storyline, in why it was disconnected from the light change in the environment and shouldn’t it have some significance in the earlier build-up in the story, perhaps being seen in some way in the room maybe as a poster or a drawing.

This could work into my idea, as I realised the character could perhaps exist within a sticker format  like a glow in the dark sticker, not bright enough to hide from the dark but always luminous even when the light in her world fades.