Test colouring animatic

Test colouring animatic

From one of my earlier feedbacks, I realised the importance in colour in the environment as an aid in telling my story. So I decided to reworked my initial animatic, to show only outlines of images and roughly clearing it through to the environments as an idea of what this dream world would look like visually. Even if  this was just roughly formed,  this contrast in moods should standout.

In my story there are 5 different lit environments the first being after setting the scene is the room backdrop, the second being the bedroom light before she goes to sleep,the third being when the light goes off,  the fourth is the light mood switches to fear of the dark and finally being then re-illuminated by the glowing nightlight.

In both in her room setting and the dream world she enters  can be changed from an initial peaceful tranquil environment to fearful dark an scary world.

A  few visual examples of new animatic rough coloured frames.














Although, this was a tedious process in the  colouring all 60 frames, it did help the initial visualisation of my idea and I think reworking it further might be easier to use a colour ways chart, like my tutor suggested in my later feedback , but it was interesting to practice this either way.