Head turn and Character angles.

Head turn and Character angles.

After  getting some good feedback from visitors in industry , I was able to get an idea on how to improve my animation project, as well as how I should visualize my character prior to animation. One of those things to practice as an exercise would be the view of the character from a turning perspective, in understanding how to draw it out in a way that it would imitate a 3d form. This is something I planned to include in my main character animation so she would appear more realistic in her movements.

My initial plan was to use the after effects program for creating the key character, make from shapes and then puppet her together.However, this would have been too hard to manipulated in things like head turns, which I had planned to include quite a few times within my animation.

Overall, I decided to return to frame-by-frame animation using flash software. Despite my initial fears of this software, which may  be tedious and take a lot of time, hopefully it should buildup the effect I want, in the movements and rotation angle of my character.

When I looked at the final coloured shape version of the head turn, I felt its precise effect lost some of the life seen in the rough key frames, so I wanted a way to mix the rough outlines and the more polished flat colour effect together, to give more life in the movements. So I incorporated more of these initial  lines on top of the image to give her more life.

Rough spin of my character

outline-turnquick rotate