Help from a first year

Help from a first year

A year ago I helped a student on her final project  and now I have had a 1st year MA student to help me with my project workload too.

The student I had working with me was Electra and thankfully she was already experienced with animating frame by frame from her previous degree, which had been hand drawn. Some of project was somewhat similar in that respect digitally to flash.

keyframes lights out-color-electraMar06

Having someone to work alongside on this project made it less daunting and helped motivate me over the initial procrastinating of the project . Creating work tasks gave me a reason  to be more efficient with my time and encouraged me to focus to get the work done and not fearful of the initial  process of animating.

Overall, the week I aimed to complete all of the hardest parts of the key character such as runs and walk cycles, head with expression changes.  Although, not all of them were finished here are a few examples that where created during the week with Electra’s help.