Piggy Design

Piggy Design

One of the characters that has an important role in the narrative of my story is the large plush pig toy. This character is a source of both fear and comfort for my protagonist. So designing a character to fit both of these almost contradicting aspects was a bit difficult to begin with.

Initial character designs


Initially,  I was drawn to the idea of a character which could appear both cute and creepy. This is something I looked back over my earlier research with by visiting the toy museum in Prague and doing last terms storytelling workshop with Jan Blake, where we discussed and analysed deeper aspects of our story, in its initial stages.

This plush toy has been both familiar and important to the main character. This could stem back to her infancy, maybe her first toy that she would mollycoddle in her cot and play with. Hence why it appears as creepy as it aged, with the wear and tear of play. So this is why its appearance might have exposed stitches and a missing eye.chosen-3

Yet despite its appearance the toy character could actually recognise her and want to greet her,  being gentle regardless of its size and playful in its behaviour. Hence why the girl is initially fearful when she can’t see it.


Picking three of the most endearing to me toy character designs to take further, then developing the final character design.



Before animating it I also created a duplicate altering the colours on photoshop to look more dark and creepy.