Girl character

Girl character

After drawing out the initial movements for my character  I then attempted to colour the character and creating her in keeping to my original design.

It was once I had layered out all these peices of the character previous in Flash as a coloured form, was when it all began to get too fiddly.

As in Flash it tended to overight some of the layers when the colour was moved, meaning I had to lock all the layers in order to adjust a single part,  which was time consuming and tedious.

But again the fluidity in the style ment constantly having to recolour beneath the frames, that as a finished result the image ended up looking a bit messy and flat with the limited colours

As a style of animation I would probably re try Flash another time. as it would work with something simple and fluid which possibly graphically suited a few spot colours. Or use it focused on scribbly moving drawn lines, as I did with my keyframes.


Eventually I decided to redo my chosen style for my main character to cutouts these had a lovely texture and fitted better into my alreay drawn &  painted backdrops.


This meant re-drawing all the elements of my character and peicing it together to be animated in after effects.

But this was a bit of a setback in time as several scenes that I had already animated ovver those weeks, I would have to repeat scenes of but it still seamed nessary as the overall style of my character.

Looking back the flat colour digital rendering of her lacked some of the more illustrative feel of what i wanted in my work, needless to say I then started to rework a more pencil based cut out character.


Although animating in after effects, I realised some of the difficulties in the limitations of cutouts as trying to repeat the drawn movements in the walk an run cycle came across as a bit awkward in the cutout character as my tutors advised that with cut out the movements have to follow with the limitations even if it comes across as a bit puppet like.

As this is somewhat in keeping with my theme of storyline as being light and floaty in a dreamlike world but also struggling  it tense motions like running as bedding would distort this movement which made it work within the animation form.