Composed animation music

Composed animation music

Alongside the animation, audio is important as it can reflect the mood of a story and also keep peoples interest throughout the visualisation of the story. Although this is something that comes in later during the animation production process.

It is particularly important in my animation, as there is no speech or talking between characters and the story does not have a narrator describing the story.

This is why the music is important to set the atmosphere of the story and why I chose  Kevin Perkin, a musician from The Royal College of Music, who I knew would compose the right type of sound for the  fantasy environments. As well as cope with the mood switch in the storyline.

Also, being able to pull something together quite quickly as the finished animation might run close to the hand in deadline.

As well as managing to compose some music for my animation, he was able to get a studio session at the RCM at quite short notice, in order to get the music played out by several of the students, who thankfully volunteered their time to help.

I managed to visit to watch them play and take a few snapshots.