Pushing my boundaries

Pushing my boundaries

In this final project I had decided to push the limitations of what I could hope to achieve in my animation ability and try to conquer some of the things that I had found intimidating as they are difficult to create.

This I hope will make me less overwhelmed in future projects, but also give me a greater understanding for creating movements more easily, in either given medium of cut out or drawn frame by frame.


For example, the scene where my character trips and falls over I created partly using the puppet tool in after effects. Although, it is only a second long, this was difficult to create initially, as falling over is more difficult than a simple flip of the an angle. In my earlier blogposts regarding working in Flash, this was easier to draw out the keyframes to make the character appear to fall. but in after effects the overall effect  came across as a bit rigid, as I was limited to work within paper cut outs.

Using the puppet tool on the base of the dress tended to break up the parenting, within the components that made the arms legs and neck. So I had to individually move each of these to match the place they should appear on the body. This gave me a little more flexibility in moving the body but tweaking it to the individual movements was quite time consuming.

Other difficulties I found animating in after effects, included things like bending the character down, as well as getting her to standup and run away. As although these clips where brief they often took a lot of time manoeuvre the individual parts frame by frame.