final details

final details

Now i have submitted my final animation here are some teaser pictures before the show for the little nightlight animated 2 minuite short film .

little nightlight 1little nightlight 3 little nightlight 4 little nightlight 5 little nightlight 6


Bio for my story

Little nightlight, is the story of a little girl who is scared of the dark. So each night she relies on the glow of her bedside nightlight to help her sleep. Yet her peaceful dream world can change, with the fading light which leaving her alone to confront her fear.

What I have learned from doing this project over past few months is both the limitations of working independently and in particular a animation project working with people and delogating through tasks helps and if i ever get a another 2min plus animation project done i will try and get other people involved in the process

also learned a new type of animation style I can do with drawing out ruffly onto digital keyframes can give lovely movement if I’m looking for a result less polished

Also found a new way of working with my highly finished illustrations in after effects with a soft minimal movement in a motion graphics like effect that isn’t too time consuming to produce.

Overall I think it will be a little while before I start another big animation independent project unless theres a large financial insentive but i feel i have learned a lot over the past few months and even pushed my own expectations on what i could achive.